İmrahor Viaduct - Ankara

Project Location


Ankara- TURKEY


Services Provided


Design and consultancy




CEYLAN İnş.(The contractor)
Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara


Hizmet Süresi


03.1992 - 03.1998


Associated Firms




Project Cost


60.000.000 USD


Cost of Services


1.200.000 USD

Key Factors of Project :

• 604m long viaduct on 9.0 km multilane highway as a part of Ankara 1st ring road
• 4 Central spans each 115m and 2 side spans 71,9m.
• Presstressed concrete, single cell continuous box-girder
• The building method cast-in-situ balanced cantilever
• Deep pile foundation



Scope of Services:

• Geodetical and geotechnical survey & design
• Preliminary and final design of the ring road and relevant structures
• Concept and preliminary design and shop drawings of the viaduct
• Consultancy to the contractor during construction